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Outdoor Games to Help Your Child Grow

Thinking of introducing your child to a valuable learning experience? A playground can be a good place to start. Outdoor games for kids help your kid to enjoy but also build life-saving skills. So go out and enjoy yourself with your kids, there is nothing in the four walls of your house. Help them grow and learn while bonding with you and other kids. Want to know some outdoor games names?

These outdoor games for kids will also come in handy in case you are stuck with a group of kids. These games are simple, easy to understand, and fun to play with. So, follow our guide to the best outdoor games names and have bonding time with your kid.

10 Outdoor Games For Kids That They Will Love

Outdoor games help kids in developing creativity, and in learning healthy habits like sharing, coordinating, etc. It can also be a great exercise for your kid. So, are you ready to check out our list of 10 outdoor games names that your child will love to play with you?

1. Red Light, Green Light

This is one of the most underrated outdoor games for kids. It's simple to play, you have to gather a group of five children and choose one to be the traffic light. Place the kid who is the traffic light at one end and the remaining children at the other. Starting with his or her back to the group, the traffic light begins. The kids run towards the selected kid when that child yells, "Greenlight!" The traffic light can look back to face the other kids and yell, "Red light," causing everyone to come to a halt. If a child continues to run through a red light, the tagger can catch them. The selected kid goes on saying "red light" or "green light" until they are tagged by another child. After getting tagged they become the next traffic light.

2. Kick The Can

This is one of the easiest outdoor games names that comes to your mind when you think of outdoor games. You need an empty can and a team of participants to play this game. Place the can in a large open space. Pick one player to be the tagger to count up to 50 while the other players hide. Then the tagger tries to find and mark all the other players. If the tagger catches a player, they must go to a designated “prison” area near the can. Any free player can try to "kick the can" and release all the prisoners. If the tagger has all the players tied up, they win. Anyone who has been arrested for the longest time becomes a new tagger, and a new game begins. 

3. Capture The Flag

This team game is one of the most interesting outdoor games for kids. You can start this game by separating into two or 4 groups depending on how big your team is. You will need a flag for each team in this game. Divide the playground into areas of equal size, one for each group. You can use chalk to mark boundaries but make sure everyone knows the location of each group. Place the flag at each location, it should be visible. The first team to flag the other team wins. You need to get both of your flags and return them to your team. You have to do this while you flee from your opponent's attempts to mark you in their “prison” position.

4. Dodge The Ball

Dodge the ball is the most fun game among all outdoor games names that can pop up in your mind. You have to play this game with at least two teams, each with at least four players and an outdoor ball. The goal of this game is to score points by throwing the ball to beat the members of the opposing team. There are three ways to throw the ball - under, hand, and sidearm. In these outdoor games for kids, players must try not to let another player catch the ball or they will lose a point.

5. Steal The Bacon

When you hear this game among the many outdoor games names, it can excite you. This game helps your kid to build competitive strength while having fun. In this game, you have to divide groups and assign a number to each person. Each group stands on opposite sides of the shoe which is in the middle (it can be something easy to hold on to). When a number is called, the players selected from each team rush to the desired object and try to return it to their side. If you do it, then you score a point for your team.

6. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is the most memorable game among our list of outdoor games for kids. In this game, you have to let kids draw a hopscotch board on a flat, paved surface. The board should be made up of basic shapes with numbers indicating which ones should be jumped on first. You can help younger children or those who are new to this game. When it's finished, each child selects a token (a small stone or wood piece). They take turns tossing it onto a space in the correct order. If the token lands on a space, the player jumps the entire board but skips the spot where their token is. The first child to finish the entire board wins.

7. Mother, May I?

This game among other outdoor games names that fill your head can help your child learn manners. In this game, you pick a group of at least five kids and select one to be the "mother." Arrange the children on one end of the open space, and the "mother" on the other end, facing the children. The children in the group take turns saying, "Mother, may I...?" Kids can fill in the blank with a request to move. Kids can ask things like "May I jump on one foot?" or "May I go back two steps?" The child playing "mother" then answers with a "yes" or "no." The next kid who becomes a "mother" is someone to reach the mother and tag him or her.

8. Jacks

This is one of the best outdoor games for kids when it is hot and kids are tired. It works best with one to four children. Arrange the kids in a circle on a flat, paved surface. The first player throws the jacks into the center, then takes the bouncy ball, bounces it. Then he/she grabs one jack before the ball hits the ground again, catching the ball after its second bounce. The child takes the place of the jack and passes the ball to the next player, who then repeats the process. After each round, one jack is added to the number of jacks that must be scooped before the ball bounces. This goes on until they are scooping the entire pile of jacks at once. If a child misses, he or she is out. The last child standing wins.

9. Red Rover

Red Rover is a great game if none another outdoor games names come to your mind. For this game, you have to divide the participants into two groups. Each team must stand about 20 feet apart, hold hands in a line, and face the opposing team. Someone from Team One yells, "Red Rover, Red Rover, let (Team Two child's name) come over!" The designated player rushes towards Team One and tries to break through a pair of tightly clasped hands. If the player breaks the chain, he receives the opportunity to recruit a player from Team One to Team Two. If he doesn't, he'll be forced to join the opposing team. The teams alternate turns until only one man remains.

10. Duck Duck Goose

This is one of the most engaging outdoor games for kids. This game is popular and you can play it with a lot of people. In this game except for one player, all the players sit in a circle. The one player then walks around the circle, tapping each child on the head and saying "duck" until they say "goose." This child must then stand up and run around the circle after the first child who attempts to tag it. If the original child returns to the goose's seat without being tagged, the goose replaces him.

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