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Some Must Read Amazing Panchatantra Stories For Kids

Stories are an important and probably one of the vivid memories of one’s childhood. A lot of these childhood stories were written with the idea of imparting some important life lessons. Panchatantra stories for kids is one such collection of short stories which are engagingly narrated and interestingly plotted around animals and birds providing valuable morals.

Almost all of us have grown up reading Panchatantra stories for kids. As kids we used to love reading and listening to these amazing Panchatantra stories. And it can rightfully be said that no one is ever too old nor too young to enjoy and learn from these Panchatantra stories for kids. 

Panchatantra stories using art and paper craft

Due to its strong significance, the Panchatantra stories for kids are being introduced to kids though numerous workshops along with using art and paper craft for kids aging between four and eight. During such workshops, the famous Panchatantra stories like The Lion and the Mouse (with the moral – If we do good, the good comes back to us),are narrated briefly to the kids. The kids are then instructed to make models of a Lion and a mouse using paper or any other scrap material available in their houses. The objective behind such workshops is to implant ethics and values in young minds with the help of stories, art an paper crafts. This way the kids will naturally enjoy learning various moral stories and in the process they will also develop basic human values like offering help, being patient and developing a sense of friendship. The parents can contribute to help their child with the paper craft ideas and this eventually will help them bond better along with boosting their child’s morale to learning new things every time.

Below is a list of such amazing panchatantra stories for kids with moral values which we can introduce to our kids at an early age.

1) The Tortoise and the Hare

This is a very popular story about a hare and a tortoise. The hare is known to be an animal that moves really fast, while a tortoise moves slowly. 

One sunny morning, the hare challenged the tortoise to a race clearly to show that he was the best. The tortoise accepted the challenge quietly. As the race started the hare ran speedily out of sight. He realized that the tortoise was left far behind, so in arrogance, the hare decided to take a nap. In the meantime, the tortoise, who was full of determination and devoted to the race, was slowly approaching the winning line. The tortoise reached the goal slowly but steadily and won the race while the hare kept sleeping. 

Moral of the story:  Slow and steady wins the race!

2) The Boy who cried wolf

There once lived a young shepherd who would take his herd of sheep for grazing grass in the hills in a nearby village.One day, the boy got bored watching over the sheep,and decided to entertain himself. So, he cried out loudly, “Wolf! Wolf!”. On hearing his cry, the villagers who were well aware of the perils of the wolf, hurried to help him scare the wolf away. 

On reaching the hilltop, they realized that there was no wolf and he had just tricked them. The villagers were angry and warned the boy to not call them needlessly. The mischievous boy decided to prank them again the next day and shouted “Wolf!”Wolf !” and once again the villagers came to his rescue but realized that the boy had deceived them again. This made the villagers furious and they went down grumbling.

However, the same afternoon, the boy saw an actual wolf that came out of the dark woods and started attacking his herd of sheep. The boy ran towards the village and shouted“Wolf! Wolf! and requested them to help him, but none of the villagers heard his cries and rather laughed at him as they believed that the boy was trying to pull another prank on them.

Moral of the story:  Once a liar, always a liar. No one believes a liar, even when one is speaking the truth.

3) The Stork and the Crab

Once upon a time,an old Stork lived on the side of a fish pond, so he always had plenty of food to live by. As the years rolled by, the stork grew old and weak and found it difficult to fish any longer. He realized this way he would be left hungry, so he came up with a plan to satisfy his hunger. The next day he stood by the pond with a sad face, making no effort in catching any fish. The crab and the fish noticed the stork's long face and asked him about what was troubling him. The Stork replied that all the fish in the pond were soon going to die as he had heard that people were deciding to fill the tank with mud to grow crops over it. Worried, the fish asked the stork to help them. The stork agreed and offered to take them to a distant and bigger pond. However, mentioning his old age, the stork said that he would only be able to carry a few fish at one time and needed to take rest in between his flights. Soon after, he flew to a big rock with his first batch of fish and ate them all up. He took some rest and as he got hungry he took a second trip similarly and many times thereafter.

Now it was the crab’s turn. As they were flying, the crab wanted to check out his new surroundings but he could not see a pond, however he saw plenty of fish bones. The crab instantly noticed what was happening and clutched the stork’s throat firm with his sharp claws. The stork struggled to get free. But the crab held on. Soon the stork fell to the ground. The crab dragged himself back to the pond and narrated the story to the rest of the creatures in the pond.

Moral of the story: Being too much greedy is bad as it will only cause you harm

4) The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, a mamma pig sent her three little pigs to live on their own. So they decided to build a house by themselves. 

The first pig was very lazy and did not want to work hard,so he built a house of straw.

The second pig made a house of sticks as he was a little less lazy than the first one. The third pig,however, was sincere and worked hard to build a house of brick and stone.

Soon after the three little pigs had settled in their new homes, one starry night a wolf came out in search of food.He noticed the first little pig’s house of straw and requested to let him in. On being denied, he started huffing and puffing and blew the house of straw. The following night,the fox returned even hungrier and saw the house of sticks.He asked the second pig to let him in,but the pig refused to let him enter.So the fox huffed and puffed and blew the house with the sticks. 

He then approached the third little pig's house of bricks and tried huffing and puffing but ended up breathless and left in despair. 

Moral of the story:  Hard work always pays off. We should never rely on shortcuts.


These are some fascinating panchatantra stories for kids. Such enriching Panchatantra stories for kids not only was a source of entertainment to us but also conveyed valuable moral lessons beautifully explained in stories. How to be a good friend, how to differentiate between what is right & wrong are some of the life lessons of these great Panchatantra stories for kids.

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