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Do you know that kids generally love to listen to sounds and watch visuals? So that is the reason why they ask you to tell stories and watch cartoons hours together. And also they take so many lessons from the things they watch and listen to. If we can give them stories which mould them into better human beings for the future, I think we are successful in parenting. So now from where do you pick up stories? Comic books? Novels? History? Why searching for stories? We give you 5 best stories for your children. Be it for normal play time or bedtime. We urge you to read these with all eyes and provide them entertainment with lessons

5 Interesting Short Stories For kids


There lived a duck in the farm ready to hatch its younger ones. Ducklings (younger ones). She showed the alacrity to hatch and one by one started to come out. After 5 yellow ones have come out, the sixth one comes out which with grey feathers looked weird and ugly. Even the mother duck didn’t feel happy. So, the grey ones felt sad and ran into a swamp i.e., a lake in the forest in winter. Looking at the duckling, a farmer who passed by felt empathy for the duckling and look him to his home, fed it to contentment and provide shelter there itself. But the duckling felt embarrassed with the noise made by the kids of the farmer. He came out and went into a cave happened by a frozen lake. Summer turned up, a group of swans came there into lake and duckling felt swans reject him because of his looks. But no they adored him close to the chest. When the duckling saw his image in the water nearby, it felt elated because he exactly looked like a swan. Now all the swans passing their time and thus lived happily. Moral of the story is don’t lose hope even if you are rejected by many. Life gives options to exist and makes you better with experiences. Tell these stories for kids to build confidence and courage in them.


A group of monkeys lived in the forest. They were in search of food and water. On their way two of those monkeys fell into a pit. They were constantly trying to jump off the pit but failed to do so. The other monkeys screaming into the pit that they cannot come out as it is dangerous for them to jump off. One of the monkey felt de-motivated and stopping trying and ultimately died. The tried without rest and took a giant leap out the pit. All the other monkeys surprised. The monkey didn’t listen to the screaming because it is deaf. Moral of the story is opinions of others will show impact on you. If you want to achieve something, try it without feeling discouraged. These moral stories for kids helps them overcome unfavourable conditions and teaches them hard work.


One of the most heard stories for kids during bedtime or in school hours is this one. Everyone knows rabbit is faster than turtle but hear everything happens in over rule. There were a rabbit and turtle in the forest. Rabbit proposed a race with turtle thinking that it is easy for him to win over turtle. Turtle agreed to it and both started for race. Rabbit stormed near to the finish line. But his over confidence made him think that he would any way win so he can rest for a while and fell asleep. In the mean while turtle determined to walk into the finish line. And reached finally. Rabbit who fell asleep woke up and repented for her foolishness. Moral of the story is firm faith in your strength is required to achieve anything in life. One should not look down to him/her. Tell your kids these moral story to get rid of over confidence.


A horse in a home tied to a rope. The rope is so weak that he can untie or break and run away. But it didn’t do as such. His neighbour asked the owner of the horse that even though the rope is so weak, why he had not broken it and go. The owner replied “it can but right from his childhood we made him believe that he is weak. Moral here is everyone is influenced by the social compulsions which are cognitive and can be broken. But we complete believe in the opinions and never try to overcome. Teach these bed time stories for kids to believe in themselves and always try irrespective of what other want you to be.


And the final story in this series of moral stories for kids. We are now going learn a story from Mahabharata. One day Krishna and Arjun were chatting with each other and Arjun asked Krishna, tell me a sentence which after reading the sad one becomes happy and vice versa. Then Krishna had written on the wall, “this moment will not last longer”. Which means whatever comes your way is temporary. If your elated by your achievements or dejected by your failures nothing will last longer. Hence let us be stable minded. With this story we plant stability and detachment to material objects right from the childhood. So that no space for judging some one based on wealth and fame acquired. 


A story which is told during childhood, is not just stories for kids, but a mental transformation happens in a good way. So let us find more stories as such which enlightens kids and forms a path to his career.

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