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Teaching Kids Morals: 10 Fun Bedtime Stories for Teaching Your Kids Morals Values

We have all learned so much from our childhood bedtime moral stories. So why not share these stories with our kids too? Stories can be a great way to not only teach our kids morals but also develop their English speaking skills. As a kid, we can learn things like human behavior, the good and the bad, and so much more through these moral stories. Although we don't realize it, these stories have made us who we are today. So want to know the best moral stories in English to read to your kid?

Moral stories are rare in this fast-paced high-tech world. So, we should introduce our kids to these moral stories in English. There isn't anything that can replace a moral story's value in our life. So let us help you with the best moral stories to read to your kid.

10 Interesting Moral Stories in English for Kids

Moral stories in English can be a great way to teach your kids things like vocabulary, grammar, English pronunciation, and much more than values. So we have listed 10 such moral stories in English. 

1. King Midas And The Golden Touch

Once upon a time in Greece, there lived a king named Midas. He had a loving wife and daughter and was wealthy. Although he was rich, he was greedy. So when one day a Greek god appeared before him and allowed him one wish for his good deeds, he wanted nothing but gold. He wished that his touch could turn things to gold. When his wish came true, he touched random things to turn them into gold. In excitement, he touched his daughter who also turned into gold. Midas rushed to Dionysus, begging him to save his daughter. Dionysus granted his wish and saved his daughter while also taking away all of Midas' powers. Midas learned his lesson and lived a happy life.

Moral of the Story: Be happy with what you have, being greedy will lead you nowhere.

2.The Fox And The Stork

This one is among the oldest moral stories. Long ago, there lived a cunning fox and a good stork, they were both neighbors. One day the fox thought of a plan to irritate the stork and entertain himself. He invited the stork to dinner at his house and the stork accepted the invitation. Fox served the food to stork on a flat plate. The stork's beak was too pointed to eat from a flat surface, so it remained hungry while the fox finished the soup. The stork didn't say anything but went hungry that night. One week later the stork invited the fox home for dinner. When the fox arrived the stork served the dinner in two long neck jars. This time the fox couldn't eat and understood his lesson, while the stork ate.

Moral of the Story: Never make fun of others and treat everyone nicely.

3. The Hare And The Tortoise

This is one of the most famous moral stories which is about a hare who always bragged about having a fast pace with all his friends. He liked to challenge them and defeat them in races. One day a tortoise who was tired of hearing the hare being boastful challenged him to race. The hare accepted the offer. On the day of the race, the hare ran very fast and soon was out of sight. Seeing that the tortoise was nowhere in sight, the hare sat down below a tree and decided to take a nap. On the other hand, the tortoise was slowly and steadily walking towards the endpoint. When the hare woke up, he saw the tortoise close to the endpoint and ran but he couldn't win.

Moral of the Story: Slow and steady wins the race.

4. The Ant And The Grasshopper

The grasshopper was hopping around chirping and singing to its heart's content in a field. An ant passed by, carrying a heap of corn to the nest with great effort. The grasshopper would tell the ant to take a break. But the ant would refuse and continue with his work. When winter arrived, the Grasshopper had no food and died of hunger. And the ants distributed cron every day from the stores they had accumulated over the summer. This is yet another most fascinating moral story for your children.

Moral of the Story: Hard work pays well. 

5. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

This moral story is about a farmer who asked his son to take their herd of sheep grazing. While watching over the sheep, the boy became bored and decided to have some fun. So he yelled, "Wolf! Wolf!" When the villagers heard this, they rushed to help him chase the Wolf away. As they approached him, they realized there was no Wolf and that he was joking. The villagers got angry, and they yelled at the boy for causing confusion and panic. The next day, the boy yelled "Wolf!" again, and the villagers came to help him, only to discover that there was no wolf. But one day when a wolf came and the boy cried "wolf!wolf!", nobody came to help him. 

Moral of the Story: Don't lie and break people's trust. 

6. The Lion And The Mouse

This is another one of the interesting moral stories in English about the lion and the mouse. A lion was sleeping in the jungle when a mouse began running up and down his body for amusement. This disturbed the lion's sleep, and he woke up. When the lion was about to eat the mouse, it begged the lion to let him go with the promise that he will also help him someday. The lion chuckled at the mouse's assurance and let him go. A few hunters came into the forest one day and took the lion with them. They chained him to a tree. The lion began to whimper as he struggled to get out. Soon after, the mouse passed by and noticed the lion in distress. The mouse bit the rope and set the lion free.

Moral of the Story: A small act of kindness can go a long way. 

7.  Be Wise While Counting

This is one of the most famous moral stories for kids. Someone in Akbar's court once asked, "How many crows are there in the city?" Nobody had an answer. "Four thousand three hundred and twelve," Birbal replied quickly. He was asked about how he knew this. "Send your man out to count the crows," Birbal said. If it is less or more than this number, either some crows have gone to visit their family, or they have flown in. Akbar was overjoyed with the response and lavished Birbal with gifts for his wit.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you need to think out of the box

8.  The Crocodile And The Monkey

This among our list of moral stories in English helps you choose wise friends. It tells the story of a crocodile who lives in a river. He befriends a monkey who lives in a tree on the riverbank. As a result, the monkey shares the tree's fruits with his friend, the crocodile. In addition, the crocodile takes a cut for his wife. However, he has a greedy wife who is after the monkey's heart rather than the sweetness of the fruit. She persuades the crocodile to return the monkey to her. However, he refuses to betray his friend and tells him the truth. Thus, the monkey saves himself by inventing a clever excuse, and his friendship with the crocodile comes to an end.

Moral of the Story: Choose Your Friends Wisely

9.  The Loyal Mongoose

It is a beautiful moral story for kids which tells you about loyalty and trust. A farmer used to live in a village with his wife and a newborn child. When the farmer told his wife that he wanted a pet for his son, she agreed. So, the farmer brought a baby mongoose with him the next day. The farmer's wife went to the market one day, leaving their son and the mongoose alone in the house. The farmer was also working in the field at the time. When the farmer's wife returned home, she discovered the mongoose's mouth and paws were covered with blood. She believed it had killed their child, so she killed the mongoose. But when she went to the baby she saw a dead snake lying there and understood that the mongoose saved her baby.

Moral of the Story: Think before you act.

10.  Birbal Caught The Thief

Birbal is one of the most favorite characters that has many moral stories for kids. One day, a wealthy man came to Akbar's court in the hope of receiving assistance from Birbal. He suspected one of his servants of stealing from him. Birbal thought of a plan and gave all of the merchant's servants sticks of the same length. He also told them that if they were the thief, the stick would grow three inches by tomorrow. The servants gathered around Birbal the next day. One of the servant's sticks was three inches shorter than the others, he noticed. Birbal recognized the thief right away. The thief had cut the stick three inches shorter because he expected it to grow three inches. As a result, his guilt was established.

Moral of the Story: Truth always wins.

Different Ways to Make Story Time Interesting for Kids

Making story time interesting and fun can help your kids to get hooked on the stories and bond with you. These story's morals also help your kids become better people. So let's find ways to make your storytime interesting.

  • Kids enjoy being imaginative, so why not dress up and act out your favorite parts of the story together?
  • Take your child to a location from the story to immerse them in it. So, if you're reading a book about pirates, you could take it to the beach with you.
  • Before reading the book aloud, take a look at it first. You know what your children will enjoy, so choose a book that will hold their interest.
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