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Build a model to demonstrate conservation of momentum & Newton’s laws of motion | School Science Projects

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Build a model to demonstrate conservation of momentum & Newton’s laws of motion | School Science Projects

Make a model to verify Newton’s first law of motion (law of inertia)
Make a Newton cycloid model to verify and understand:
→Newton’s second law of motion
→Law of conservation of momentum
Conservation of momentum in multiple marble collision
Make a Newton’s spinner to understand the Newton’s third law of motion

The notion of motion!

Movement is the way of life! Without constant movement and change, lives would be constant and immobile – we would never have existed. To fully understand the various laws that govern motion of objects, Isaac Newton formulated the three laws of motion in the 17th century. As the foundation on which the entire subject of Classical Mechanics is based, these laws of motion are important to every Science syllabus, as they are the essence of various physical principles that lie ahead in the academic curricula of a 9th grader.

With the help of our Force and Laws of Motion kit, we bring to dynamic and easy-to-understand form the various laws of motion with the help of the following activities:

  • To understand the first law, your child will be provided with a model that verifies the existence of inertia, and explains its significance in Newton’s first law of motion (The Law of Inertia). By bringing this law to life with this model, remembering the concept and laws at work is far easier for a student.
  • With the second activity, your child will implement a Newton Cycloid Model to fully understand the second law of motion, as well as the law of conservation of momentum.
  • The third activity further exemplifies the law of conservation of momentum by providing material to cause a ‘multiple marble collision’.
  • The final activity comprises of a Newton’s Spinner that your child can implement to understand Newton’s third and final law of motion!
    Thanks to our interactive and academic projects, your child is guaranteed an enriching, exciting and educative experience by using the kit and understandable instructions to retain a memorable and experiential understanding of the laws of motion!
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