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Build mini Projector and a model to demonstrate reflection of light in curved mirrors | Light experiments

Make a model to understand the properties of convex and concave mirrors – Diverging and Converging.
Make a model to understand the properties of image formed by a plane mirror.
Make a ray optics set up to learn and understand what is an object, image and screen How to capture an image on the screen using a biconvex lens?
Make different colours (secondary and tertiary) using primary colours

Shining your way to an A!

Hands-on learning is a brand-new educational technique that adds depth to your child’s knowledge and abilities: Bringing this novel learning to life is Butterfly Edufields, with its numerous kits and projects to ensure your child a healthy and positive relationship with their education to grow into smart, critical and out-of-the-box thinkers. These projects are Do-It-Yourself activities, interactive games and fun-filled experiments! Allow your child to develop a sharp focus, determination and a strong understanding and appreciation of the science around them with our Physics kit Light – Image and Object.

With this kit, your child will soon learn how to:

  • Make a model to understand the properties of convex and concave mirrors i.e., Diverging and Converging.
  • Make a model to understand the properties of image formed by a plane mirror.
  • Make a ray optics setup to learn and understand what an object, image and screen are!
  • Capture an image on the screen using a biconvex lens
  • Make different colours (secondary and tertiary) using primary colours.

With the following activities:

  • Use two objects and mirror to understand the properties of Image formed in a plane mirror.
  • Use the same apparatus to make a concave as well as a convex mirror!
  • Make a projector! Use the provided apparatus of various mirrors and a flashlight to watch images change on a screen
  • Mix and match primary colors to make secondary and tertiary colors!  

Your child will understand all the concepts of Light, Images and Objects!

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