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A space filled with fun and creativity!

It’s all about giving them an enriched environment to imagine something more than usual, young creative minds produce wonders.

Be it a core physics-based concept or a colourful art activity, kids’ creation will astonish everyone in this open ended, creative space that we have co-created with kids all over the world.

This community of ours mainly focus on 

– Kids must get further engaged with the BFF STEM toy/kit

– Kids develop a habit of DIY and tinkering with the kit & 

– To showcase the progress on their journey of innovation in an entertaining and educative way.

Join Our Community

To appreciate & motivate kids and to experience the joy of learning with us

We have formed this community for the likeminded kids and parents for an extended engagement and knowledge sharing. Here in the community which is more like a Tinkering family, kids can showcase the made models, participate in contests/quizzes, Science info posts and win exciting prizes.

Appreciating and motivating the kids for their effort is given weightage.

Meet our Junior Tinkerers  

We advocate independent play for kids

Parents try hard to spend quality time with their kids in their busy schedule. Many a times balancing between spending time with their kids versus completing their other responsibilities becomes harder than they expect. Kids need help in their studies, in their plays; they need constant encouragement too, and also parents have to hear their worries about friends and life in general to keep them motivated. But they also need to learn self-dependency in their play to spend a fruitful ‘own-time’ without being bored, or without the feeling of being left out.

The process of independent play requires initial effort from the parent. But it is immensely beneficial for the kid in long run. It helps in lessening the parental guilt for not participating in every activity of their kids too.

Kids can be benefitted in several ways through independent play. 

Imagination and creativity: Children feel freer without an adult guiding them in every step of their activity. They easily be able to imagine and follow that path to create something unique.

Spending time off-screen: Independent play with a STEM kit or art materials has meditational effect on children. Their brains become quiet by being away from continuous information overflowing from TV, tabs or mobile phones. They focus on their work in hand more

Developing problem solving skills: With open ended and creative challenge in hand children can develop their problem-solving skills. They discover new ways to give shape to their imagination without an adult to step in and help them right away.

Practicing patience and gaining confidence: Eventually children need to learn that parent will not be available all the time for real reasons. Independent play helps in building self confidence in kids, and they learn to wait to showcase their experiment results until a parent become available.

Practicing patience and gaining confidence: Eventually children need to learn that parent will not be available all the time for real reasons. Independent play helps in building self confidence in kids, and they learn to wait to showcase their experiment results until a parent become available.

Butterfly Edufields is trying to do the same for parent customers and their kids. This is a safe place for kids to showcase their work, and to share their knowledge with each other. We give children activities from kits as challenges for a week and ask them to share pictures or videos of their creation. Children brain storm, solve the challenge, parents help in making the video and share with us. As a result, the child learns to think critically, while being innovative, while keeping a timeline in mind in an immersive way. They gain confidence while demonstrating their work. Parents involvement become lesser with time.

Kids get the taste of doing hands-on experiments. With a new challenge every week [except their exam time] Butterfly Edufields try to give them a goal to fulfil. We prepare goodies and send to every kid who fulfilled the challenge every week. Kids feel proud to showcase their experiment and keep on motivating each other with their work.

 This initial guided discovery steps slowly bring the kids into innovation zone.

Kids become more independent in play and their creativity increases. They start to think out side of the box while doing the steps of the experiment. All these feelings motivate them to innovate something unique.

Watch how wonderfully kids are performing the experiments 

Make a boat with alternate source of energy  

Let's apply physics to fly a rocket 

Let's apply physics to fly a rocket 

See how we are animating a flying bird 

Watch the creeper climbing high

Let's do some magic with words  

Let us amaze you with these optical illusion

Let's move the wheel with some magic power  

Let's fly the parachutes & rototos  

Let's do some under water activity

Importance of art  

Doodling maybe one of the very first activities of a child. Children love to draw. They love to create a mess of colors, filling in their coloring books, scribble on the walls. Parents also know that art is very important for kids. But how exactly it is beneficial for kids? 

Art particularly benefits kids in this below mentioned areas:

Fine motor skills: Making art regularly improves fine motor skills drastically. Over the time art can be used to teach them languages, mathematics and science. Art has creative means to represent apparently complex topics in engaging and fun way.

Creative problem solving: A live sketch, or to match colors, or to morph own hand imprint into a giraffe head triggers neural development to think creatively, even out of the box. These are baby steps towards innovation. Repetition of creative activities helps in developing thinking and execution abilities.

Developing own personality: Every child is unique. But how do they know that? Their own art gives them proof of their uniqueness. They start to love themselves through their own creation. They strive for being themselves and not following someone blindly. Art gives them a sense of being safe.

Image: An invitation card to our art classes

Art particularly benefits kids in this below mentioned areas:

Boosting self-confidence: Kids love when their creations are being appreciated by adults. The sense of fulfillment and the joy of presenting their work in front of everyone boost their confidence, helps them to coming out of their cocoon.

Processing and representing information: Worldly experiences may become overwhelming for kids. As many things they may experience for the first time. Small incidents wonder them easily. Art helps them to process that information and to decipher them in their own way. Kids learn to present their thoughts into a piece of paper.

Expand their imagination: Children’s imagination knows no bound. Art gives it wings furthermore. They start break the rules of reality in their imagination which lead them to the path of innovating something new, and unique in the end.

The art kit of Butterfly Edufields hand holds a child in a step by step manner to reach to level of joy and fulfillment. With little challenges and needed pushes we co-created this safe place for our kid customers to speak their mind freely.

The art kit shows several ways to express themselves. It involves basic abstract artforms where end results are unexpected and kids adore that unique outcomes every time, e.g. the Spin art. The kit also show ways to use own hands to make shapes of butterfly or animal heads, which allows kids to think beyond and coming back with their own animal characters. Painting on wood character pieces is another joyful activity for them as they can change the colors again and again to make new toys for themselves.

We held art classes in series with kids to help in developing the habit of making art on regular basis. Kids learnt new things every time from us using the art kit of Butterfly Edufields, and came back next week with their own creation. Here are the kids with whom we enjoyed our classes so much.

Image: Online art class with kids and our STEM coaches

Works of our young artists

A token of appreciation for the young minds  

Why being appreciated is important for kids?

Appreciative gestures instantly motivate kids to perform better next time. It boosts self-esteem in them and they continue to perform with confidence.

When we appreciate children, these are the factors immediately changes in their minds.

They feel happier

They become optimistic

They feel calm and confident to do the same work next time

They don’t feel stressed or anxious while doing the act

They become less aggressive in long run

They thrive to do better in future

We try our best make children feel appreciated through our loud praises for their every effort, we try to make them laugh and enjoy throughout the class; we also send well-thought goody bags full of tiny surprises to all the kids participated in a weekly challenge. We made personalized e-greeting cards on behalf of them during festive seasons, so that they can send to their loved ones. We try to give proper weightage to all their creation and effort in every level.

kids wearing our t-shirts

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