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Form Hydrocarbons & differentiate structure of Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes in 2D | Chemistry Projects

Make 2D structures of different carbon compounds using puzzle components to understand:

→Different types of bonds and their relative lengths
→Homologous series – Alkane, Alkenes, Alkynes etc
→Structures of functional groups (Halides, Aldehydes, Ketone, Carboxylic acid)
→Structural isomerism

Make Lewis dot structures of carbon compounds by overlapping transparent slims.

Make 3D structure of Methane to understand the structural arrangement of atoms

The Compound of Life

If Earth had an appetite, Carbon would be its staple diet – as an element that is in nearly a staggering ten million compounds, Carbon is by far the most friendly element we know of. The Earth beneath us, the compounds that constitute our bodies, the products of almost all factories, the pollutants of the air, the atmosphere itself – everything consists of at least one carbon compound. As such an elemental and essential part of everyday life, it is quintessential that every 10th grader learn as much as possible about this magical substance – and what better a way than a practical, fun-filled and educational DIY project?

Butterfly Fields brings to you its very own Carbon and its Compounds kit to enhance your child’s knowledge of one of Chemistry’s most applicable and favorite element!

With the help of this kit, your child will soon learn:

  • About the different types of bonds and their relative strengths
  • About all the homologous series – such as Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes.
  • About the structures of functional groups such as Halides, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids.
  • The concept of Structural Isomerism The above concepts will be made clear and precise by providing puzzle components to make two-dimensional structures of different carbon compounds.

The Carbon and its Compounds kit also teaches your child:

  • How to make Lewis dot structures of carbon compounds by overlapping transparent slims.
  • About the structural arrangement of atoms, which is facilitated by provided material to make a three-dimensional structure of Methane. Butterfly Fields ensures a seamless and academic experience with this project, thus enhancing your child’s thinking skills, out-of-the-box applications, understanding of basic chemistry and overall enjoyment of education!
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