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Make a model to prove Pythagoras Theorem | Math Projects

Make a model to prove Pythagoras Theorem | Math Projects

  • Classify triangles based on angles – Acute, Obtuse, Right angled
  • Verify different properties of triangles: angle-sum, sidesum, exterior angle
  • Find location of medians and altitudes in different types of triangles
  • Form different triangles based on side lengths – Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene – using a triangle board & verify their properties

The three faces of Geometry

Owing to the large stigma students attach to Geometry, it has by far and long been assumed that this is the most challenging topic of 7th grade Mathematics. As always a challenger of all educational stigma, Butterfly Fields invigorates children’s minds with its unconventional and novel methods of interactive, experiential and fun-filled methods of learning, and our Triangle and its Properties kit implements exactly this motto! With over six activities to actively demonstrate the various properties of a triangle and its associated classifications and features, we actively engage your child’s participation and firsthand learning!

Butterfly Fields’ projects increase your child’s focus, hands-on educational experiences, and rejuvenates their academics by adding an edge of independence, innovativeness, collaboration and novel problem-solving!

With this kit, your child will avail the following projects:

  • Learn how to classify triangles based on their sides’ angles – either acute, obtuse, or right-angled.
  • By using provided material specific to each case, verify the different properties of triangles, such as angle-sum, side sum and exterior angle!
  • Find the locations of medians and altitudes in different types of triangles by using the kit’s apparatus.
  • Form the different types of triangles based on side lengths – Equilateral triangle, Isosceles triangle and Scalene triangle, by using the provided triangle board and thus verify their properties.

This kit will enrich and fulfill your child’s understanding of triangles and their properties, leaving no place for fear, stigma or doubt in their capabilities in the now-simplified topic of Geometry!

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