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Recreate Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment to understand structure of an atom | Chemistry Projects

Build a model to simulate Rutherford’s gold foil experiment through an analogy to:

→Understand the experiment and the underlying principle
→Understand Rutherford’s deductions and thereby arrive at the atomic structure.

Make a Bohr’s atomic model to understand atomic number, mass number, electronic configuration, valency, isotopes and isobars.

Building Blocks

The fundamental unit of all matter, the atom is an indivisible and indispensable part of all matter. As such an elementary and crucial substance of the universe, it is important that every student fully understands its construction, properties and features. Butterfly Fields deserves this very knowledge with the help of its Do-It-Yourself project Structure of an Atom, to make your child understand with a series of enjoyable experiments the important properties of the atom.

Once famous for having proved to the world the major features of an atom, this activity replicates the same experiments with its own apparatus! Using this project’s material, your child will simulate the two following experiments:

Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment

Build a model of this experiment and use the analogy to:

  • Understand this experiment and its underlying principle.
  • Understand Rutherford’s deductions from this experiment and thereby arrive at the atomic structure themselves.

Bohr’s Atomic Model

This experiment is similarly simulated by your child in an understandable, simple and fun project that explains the atomic number, mass number, electronic configuration, valence, isotopes and isobars that were once proved by Neil Bohr himself.

This project’s great applicability of critical experiments to real-time experiences of a student improve their appreciation of science around them, whilst increasing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, attention span and confidence!

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