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Hop On!! Fun Summer adventures await you

Fun Do Science Summer Camp

Recommended for 6 to 9 year olds
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Robotics Summer Camp

Recommended for 10 to 15 year olds
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Starting from 17th April


Online from the comfort of your home

Camp Fee

Rs 4,999/-

Exciting activities of the camp at a glance

 Activities of each day

👆🏻Day 1:
Sound & Light

👆🏻Day 2 :
Crazy Cars 

👆🏻Day 3 :
Tornado Spinners

👆🏻Day 4 :
Brave Bots

👆🏻Day 5 :
Design Challenge

👆🏻Day 6:
Turbines & Magnets

👆🏻Day 7:
War Shooters

👆🏻Day 8:
Roto Mania

👆🏻Day 9:
3D Effects

👆🏻Day 10 :

What does your camp include?

70in1 Tinker Lab @Home

Worth Rs 3,999/-

Online Activity Sessions

10 days, 2 hours per day

Robotics Camp Learning objectives:

Electronics for Robotics

Electronics involves the study and application of electronic devices and circuits to process, transmit, and store information. Robotics, on the other hand, involves the design, construction, operation, and use of robots to perform tasks in various industries.

Sensors & Actuators

Sensors and actuators are the components used in various real-world applications, including control systems in aircraft, medical applications, agricultural applications etc.

Software – Hardware Communication

Wireless communication involves the transmission of information over a distance without the help of cables. This technology transmits information over the air using electromagnetic.

Exciting 10 day Robotics journey at a glance

Learn from Robotics Engineers

Get 10in1 Robotics Starter Kit 

 Get access to detailed step by step Instruction videos

Share your designs with other Robotics enthusiasts

 Activities of each day

👆🏻Day 1 & 2 : Introduction & more

👆🏻Day 3 & 4 :
Sensors, Actuators & more 

👆🏻Day 5 & 6 : Applications & more

👆🏻Day 7 & 8 :
Smart Appliances & more

👆🏻Day 9 & 10 :
Inside Technology & more

Day 1 & 2: Introduction to Electronics of Robotics

Activity 1 : Electronic Drawing Robot

  • Know-how of hardware of Drawing Robot
  • How to assemble the Drawing Robot
  • Working of Drawing Robot

Day 3 & 4: Introduction to Sensors and Actuators

Activity 2 : IR Sensor based Ninja Spy Robot 

  • Know-how of Sensors & Processor of Ninja Spy Robot
  • How to assemble the Spy Bot
  • Working of Spy Bot

Day 5 & 6: Application of Sensors & Actuators in Robotics

Activity 3 : Doodle Robot using Sensor

  • Know-how of Sensors and Processor of Doodle Robot
  • Assembly steps of the Doodle Robot
  • Working of Doodle Robot

Day 7 & 8: Hardware and Software Communication

Activity 4 : Voice Controlled Smart Home Automation 

  • Know-how of  Relay Controller 
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Assembly of the Voice Controlled Smart Home
  • Working of the Smart Home

Day 9 & 10: Technology of App Controlled Robots

Activity 5 : App Controlled Drawing Robots

  • Know-how of hardware of App controlled Drawing Robot
  • Assembly Steps of the App Controlled Drawing Robots
  • Working of the App Controlled Drawing Robots
  • Quiz Competition

What does your camp include?

10in1 Robotics Starter Kit

Worth Rs 2,999/-

Online Activity Sessions

10 days, 2 hours per day

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Mother of Taxeel speaking about previous Summer Camp 2019

Ongoing innovation 

kids are Making solar system

kids are making Automatic Hand Sanitizer

kids are testing their Drawbot

kids are testing sensor based movements

STEM Learning is going on

Kids from 2019 STEM Summer camp

Making own robots

Kids are assembling their spy bot

Learning the technology of smart home appliences

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