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30-in-1 Ultimate Electricity Kit | 8-12 yrs

30-in-1 Ultimate Electricity Kit | 8-12 yrs

Future Innovators: Sparking Creative Thinking & Problem Solving!
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Why you will love us?
Unleashes Creativity with 30+ Projects
Guided Learning with Easy Instructions
Cultivates STEM Skills through Play
Product Highlights
  • Fun & Engaging: 🔋 A World of Electrical Wonders invites kids into the electrifying world of science with over 30 projects, from electromagnetic cranes to DC motors, sparking curiosity and illumination.
  • Easy to Use: 🛠️ All-Inclusive Adventure provides over 100 components for a hands-on experience, allowing young minds to create and explore with ease.
  • Safe & High Quality: 🚀 Top-Notch & Secure Materials: Designed with safety in mind, every piece meets international safety standards, ensuring a safe and durable learning experience for young scientists.
  • Educational Value: 🚀 STEM Education Brought to Life transforms the kit into more than just a toy; it's a high-quality educational tool that introduces the fascinating world of science, engineering, and electronics.
  • Perfect Gift: 🎁 The Ideal Gift for Young Innovators offers a unique and educational experience, perfect for sparking a lifelong passion for science and discovery in any young innovator.
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Customer Reviews

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I like all of stem projects. This one is a electricity & magnetism science experiments kit. This one has more than 30 projects. It comes with an instruction manual that is well illustrated in a step-by-step. The kit has more than 100 parts that includes wires, bulbs, switches, connectors, and LED lights.


I recently purchased the ButterflyEdufields 30in1 Electricity & Magnetism STEM Projects for my son, and it has been a game-changer in his learning experience. This kit provides a wide range of projects that are not only fun but also incredibly educational.The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making it suitable for kids aged 8-14. My son has been engrossed in experimenting with electric circuits and exploring the principles of magnetism. It's wonderful to see him so engaged in hands-on learning.The variety of projects ensures that there's something for every young scientist, from beginners to more advanced learners. It's a fantastic way to introduce kids to the fascinating world of electricity and magnetism.The quality of the materials is impressive, and the kit comes neatly organized, making it easy to find the components needed for each project. It's a great birthday gift option for inquisitive young minds.Overall, the ButterflyEdufields STEM kit is a fantastic investment in your child's education and curiosity. It's both entertaining and enlightening, making it a must-have for any young aspiring scientist or engineer!


This kit is the perfect gift for any parent wanting to inspire their child to think of unique and creative experiments related to electricity and magnetism. There are so many 'projects' they can try with the included items in the box. The suggested age of 8-12 I feel is on point. Any younger and the child will not have the patient to see the projects come together. Any older and they may lose interest.I really like this kit and recommend it to any parent looking to introduce some science-related excitement in their child's life.


My 10 year old daughter has always been fascinated by magnets, so I thought this would be a great thing to get for her. There are over 30 different experiments so this should keep her busy for a while. Items like this are so important these days for kids....they need to spend less time on screens and more time tinkering with kits like this.

Matthew Boymler

We got this kit as a rainy day activity for the kids and were surprised at how much fun the whole family had working on these experiments. A few of the things we liked:* A large variety of experiments using electricity and magnetism* The instructions were very clear and included an overview of what scientific principle is being featured in the experiment* Some of the experiments feel a bit like “magic” to the younger kids and lead to some great curiosity on how they actually workedI doubt our kids will get the advertised “50+ hours of engagement” but the hours they did play with were very educational.

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