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Our Story

Butterfly EduFields was founded by people with a passion to create more ‘doers’ in India.

They felt that the Indian educational system, with its emphasis on theory and exams, was taking the joy out of learning and morei mportantly, its very purpose.

As with many great journeys, Butterfly EduFields began its journey by asking some simple questions that challenged the status quo:

  • Shouldn’t education be more about understanding and less about marks?
  • Shouldn’t schools be training children in improving intelligence rather than memory?
  • Shouldn’t learning be about solving real-life problems rather than answering some questions in a paper?

Core Values

See Learning as a Journey and not as a destination.

And when this journey is interspersed with the right exposures, experiences for a child it leads to magical outcomes!

Believe that rather than fear, it is the love for doing something which can trigger the motivation required to persevere.

The same core principle is applied across various contexts of learning, with the single primary goal of "igniting" that spark which triggers interests and eventually transforms into love for learning which makes all the difference in the journey.

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Understand that Basic - Foundational - Core Skills are important. Our team members have also graduated from the IITs, IIITs, IIMs and so understand that competition & rigor are required too.

The belief is that mere rigor can only take one to a certain level, beyond that it is all about keenness, interest and passion. How to ignite that interest early in the child's journey, is at the core of what ever is designed and developed at Butterfly Edufields!

Have carefully studied and deeply researched the NCERT, IGCSE, IB, State curricula (AP, TS, TN, MH, GJ, Assam) and combined it with what 21st century skills would be required along with the conceptual understanding of the content.

These creative insights are derived from interactions with hundreds of educationists, visionaries, thousands of passionate teachers which allows them to be in touch with the ground reality in Schools / Institutions.

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Have created hundreds of experiments, activities, toys and experiences after interacting with lacs of children across the country over past 12 years.

The child is remains to be at the center of all the work at Butterfly Edufields.

Take pride in the concept of Intellectualized, Designed & Manufactured in India with love for the children of the entire planet.

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Designed, Crafted & Manufactured in India with Love

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